Clas·sis [ klįssiss ]

1. The organization of pastors and elders that governs a group of local churches;

2. The group of churches governed by such an organization.


Members of standing committees shall serve three-year terms. Terms shall be arranged to generate even rotation in the committee. All terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the appropriate year.

Elections shall be by ballot. Classis shall elect alternates to serve in the event of a vacancy on a committee. Alternates shall fill the unexpired parts of terms in the respective committees. At its next session, Classis shall elect new alternates.

Members of all committees are eligible for re-election for one additional term. The nominating committee may forward to Classis the name of an incumbent committee member as a single nominee if this is recommended by the committee in question.

Whenever possible, elders shall serve in each committee. Elders chosen for any committee shall serve their full terms even though their term of office in council may have expired. Committees shall appoint their own officers.

To view mandates for the various Classis Ministry Committees, please see p. 12-27 of the Rules of Procedure.